Sunday, December 28, 2008

What does an Employee Think???

Let’s know how do we think in different situations about our JOB,

When a person has his liked work but he does not have satisfactory salary. - What is the use of giving 100% percent if I am not paid for my 100%. Making late night still not getting any benefit - Why me?? Nobody cares When a person has his satisfactory salary but does not have his liked work - What the hell is going on yaar!!! When a person has satisfactory salary and liked work, but there is no source of inspiration. No appreciation. No recognition - Who knows what I have achieved? Then why should I attempt to achieve? When a person does not get healthy and sharing environment, - Here all Big bulls do not have guts to share. No one shares his experience.

When transparency seems to be an issue, - After completion of work, my manager says it was already done before five months by X person. How do I come to know? When target is set, but no one understands dependency effects on time line - Do they care about dependencies, they just fill up there excel sheets with dates. When a dependency does not get resolved, - How can I meet MPP, if my manager does not support me to resolve dependencies? When a repeated work is given to a person and life does not have any change. - Go to Hell man….I will not do this anymore. When a friend goes on site but you sit on the same chair doing the same work - Why not me? Am I not giving output? When rest all companies have holiday and you are still working in office. - Ben le takke eek chhooti nahi de sakte!!! When a person has to run floor to floor just to get a single document, - Sala Government hai kya?? When a person complains, management agrees to the complains, but no action is taken, - Who is listening?? Why should I listen?

Send me more scenarios as comment, I shall add them…

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