Sunday, December 28, 2008

What does an Employee Think???

Let’s know how do we think in different situations about our JOB,

When a person has his liked work but he does not have satisfactory salary. - What is the use of giving 100% percent if I am not paid for my 100%. Making late night still not getting any benefit - Why me?? Nobody cares When a person has his satisfactory salary but does not have his liked work - What the hell is going on yaar!!! When a person has satisfactory salary and liked work, but there is no source of inspiration. No appreciation. No recognition - Who knows what I have achieved? Then why should I attempt to achieve? When a person does not get healthy and sharing environment, - Here all Big bulls do not have guts to share. No one shares his experience.

When transparency seems to be an issue, - After completion of work, my manager says it was already done before five months by X person. How do I come to know? When target is set, but no one understands dependency effects on time line - Do they care about dependencies, they just fill up there excel sheets with dates. When a dependency does not get resolved, - How can I meet MPP, if my manager does not support me to resolve dependencies? When a repeated work is given to a person and life does not have any change. - Go to Hell man….I will not do this anymore. When a friend goes on site but you sit on the same chair doing the same work - Why not me? Am I not giving output? When rest all companies have holiday and you are still working in office. - Ben le takke eek chhooti nahi de sakte!!! When a person has to run floor to floor just to get a single document, - Sala Government hai kya?? When a person complains, management agrees to the complains, but no action is taken, - Who is listening?? Why should I listen?

Send me more scenarios as comment, I shall add them…

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I know - do you know??

Of all the questions we leave unanswered the one that comes back to haunt us the most is: "what if......"

What if I'd married my college sweetheart?

What if I had been born in this job market?

What if I had the good sense not to?

What if...

What if I'd planned a little less?

What if I'd lived a little more?

These "what if.." are never die fantasy. They are desires, hopes and dreams.

You know we have a magical "sandook" in which we pick up our dreams, desires and hopes with some logic and reasons. We are too lazy, too poor or too tired that we don't even try to open and play them.

Le me make a punch line "Stay Hungry Stay Foolish" is what Steave jobs advised.

I will make comments on life, reasons and logic throughout this post.

What we are doing and what we want to do??

What we think and what the situation makes us to think?

Let's begin with the "Education"

"Education System"

Years ago, there was no education system, no schools, no colleges. Sounds good ha!. What were people doing at that time? Each one of them was having his own field and each one of them was entrepreneur. Give and take was the concept at that time. The carpenter who want to buy food, he will give some wooden stuff to the farmer and a farmer who wants some clothes, he will give some food. It was a good time to be happy, no boss, no sir, no targets, no tension.

But as the time passes, population rises. And as consumer count increases, outcome has to increase. These was a need of helper in each field. People make partnership, but the skilled person has to teach the other one how to work. As day passed and consumer count increased, more helped / workers required. Now to make them learn how to work and create output was a big task.

Voila.... Here is the situation where education system seeds were. A person - one partner took an ownership to teach people to learn and other to take work out of those learned people. As days passed this thing eventually turned out to be an education system.

Have you ever marked that, all of your teachers and professors throughout your education told you, "Study, read and concentrate, this will get you a good job" Even our parents also says, "Beta! padho, aur achhe marks lao, tume age achhi job milegi" WOW!! what is this all. Nobody taught us how to become an entrepreneur. Has anyone told you that do this, this will help you to know how to start business. NO..

So this is it. We have been grown to do job. What.......bull sheet!!

I had started this post, to share some learning that I got from some seminars and books. If you are interested how an entrepreneur thinks and grows... you should read this posts till the end..